Call for Proposals

Jan 2011
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28 Jan 2011

Call for Contributions & Guidlines for Presentations

The board of FEDORA and the Programme Committee of the Summer University 2011 have the honour and pleasure of inviting you and your colleagues to participate in the programme of the Summer University.

The theme of this event is: Modern Times: Counselling students in the 21st century. We think this is an ideal opportunity for us to reflect on our role as student counsellors in this fascinating era! The modern era we live in influences counselling in relation to career guidance, educational guidance, psychological counselling and therapy and in how we think about inclusion.

Of course you can participate just by coming to Ioannina but maybe you and your colleagues can contribute in an even more active way. We offer the following formats:

  1.  Poster: summary (text  and illustration) in a poster format as an invitation to colleagues to exchange experiences and ideas
  2.  Oral presentation: 20 minutes input (maximum) and 10 minutes for discussion
  3.  Interactive workshop: one hour or, if particularly motivated, a slot of two hours is possible.
  4.  Thematic Symposium (TS): a coordinator or promoter composes a more or less coherent programme by inviting national and / or international colleagues to contribute to a specific theme (e.g. internet facilities in counselling, changing labour market, (test) diagnosis in educational counselling, specific dysfunction etc.). Ideally a TS is composed of 3 or 4 contributions which results in about 1 hour of presentation time and 1 hour of discussion involving exchange of ideas and experiences.

When choices have to be made, the Programme Committee will give priority to contributions related to the conference theme (Modern Times!) and to the Thematic Symposia.

Proposals have to be written according to the prescriptions of the proposal document, sent along with this invitation. Coordinators of a Thematic Symposium also have to fill in the Thematic Symposium proposal document.

  • To download the Proposal SU Presentation document please click here.
  • To download the Proposal SU Thematic Symposium document please click here.
Please send proposals no later than 14th March 2011 to the following email:

Please note that accepted proposals have to pay the early bird registration in order to be included in the final Summer University programme.


A note about equipment provided

The technical equipment available will include laptops and projectors for PowerPoint presentations. However, if you are using specific equipment, not currently available ( Apple Mac), please contact the local organizers or, even better, bring your own laptop and the necessary cable and adaptor.


Important Dates which should be kept in mind

Call for Proposals opens: 01.02.2011

Deadline for the submission of Proposals: 14.03.2011

Confirmation of accepted proposals from the Programme Committee: 06.04.2011

Final programme: 15.04.2011

Early bird registration limit: 09.05.2011


The Programme Committee members are:

Eric Depreeuw (coordination), PhD Psychology – Leuven Belgium

Ann Conlon, Director of Student Services - King's College London

Puskas-Vajda Zsuzsa, Hungarian Association for Counselling in Higher Education (Hungary)

Willy Aastrup, Centre Director Counselling and Support Centre, Danish School of Education, Aarhus Universitet, Denmark

If you have any questions relating to this invitation, please contact the Programme Committee by sending an email to and you will receive an answer as soon as possible.

Please, distribute this call as widely as possible. The content and quality of the Summer University programme depends on the active participation of all our members and interested colleagues within and outside FEDORA and the EAIE.

Best regards from the Programme Committee

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