Oct 2010
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20 Oct 2010


FEDORA was founded in 1988 in Delphi (Greece) by student counsellors, university teachers and administrators looking forward to a common Europe.

FEDORA is a response to the continuing and growing needs of European student advisers to be able to support, guide and inform students on issues such as study and work opportunities across Europe and student mobility.

Large numbers of students now undertake part of their studies in another European university, benefiting from structured exchange programmes which involve close co-operation between academic institutions.

In seeking to widen their knowledge, students are also enlarging their experience of Europe by studying and living in another country. This can enrich their future careers, giving them an international dimension.

All this, however has resulted in more students presenting advisers and counsellors with new and more numerous challenges. It is in response to these challenges that university guidance staff have developed a trans-European network for co-operation.

FEDORA's aim is to promote and develop this network throughout the European member states and their Higher Educational institutions.

FEDORA has four special interest groups:

  • Career Guidance & Employment
  • Educational Guidance & Counselling
  • Inclusion / Equal Opportunities
  • Psyche (Psychological Counselling in Higher Education)

FEDORA members are Academic Officers, Career Counsellors, Counsellors, Special Needs Advisers, Employment Liaison Officers, Head of Study Advice Services, International Student Advisers, Psychologists, Educational Advisers….working for the benefit of students in the broad field of Guidance and Counselling in European Higher Education.

The FEDORA network offers the opportunity to share ideas and experience with an aim to:

  • Meet the challenges of a wider Europe
  • Meet specialists in your field of work
  • Share best practices
  • Develop valuable contacts in other European countries
  • Enhance your professional development
  • Create a place for lifelong learning
  • Meet members through interest groups and conferences

At the General Assembly in October 2009 in Berlin the members of FEDORA decided that FEDORA should become a Special Interest Group (SIG) within the European Association for International Education (EAIE).

This became effective on 1st February, 2010. FEDORA is very pleased with this closer cooperation with the EAIE.

During the Ioannina Summer University and in the context of the General Assembly, all FEDORA members will be asked to take the final decision regarding the merger process of FEDORA in the European Association for International Education (EAIE).

For the latest news on the FEDORA - EAIE merger process please click here.


For more information on FEDORA please visit: http://fedora-eu.org

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